Creative Direction, Interface Design and User Experiencer

Moshulu is a vibrant fun brand that wanted to build a first-class e-commerce platform. This is my first Magento 2 build and meant rediscovering Magento and creating an architecture and brand experience on a completely new platform. The client wanted a user-centric approach to the experience where the voice of the brand could talk to its customers. We developed a bespoke WordPress, Magento integration to do this which places products right at the heart of the blog content. I ran user story mapping workshops, created information architecture and wireframe sketches to kick start this project and along with the in house team I designed the responsive templates and component libraries.

A feature/category lead home page guides the user to product quickly.

Colourful landing pages work as hard as the home page. These are highly optimised as landing pages from Google.

Simple, clear product information with a wealth of functionality and reassurance messaging to help users be confident in the purchase.

Works beautifully on mobile and tablet for the 60% of users who access the site in this way.