Paul Smith

Creative Direction, Art Direction and User Experiencer

I worked with Paul Smith for 7 years taking the site from a static brand site to a fully responsive e-commerce platform turning over millions of pounds a year. I was responsible for every aspect of the user experience from research, user flows, checkout design and optimisation, interface design and art direction. This was also the first major Magento launch transitioning away from an in house CMS to an open-source platform. I now consider myself a Magento expert and love the platform.

Please note that the Paul Smith team have been developing this from our work for the last 3 years and ket the site updated to current design and UX trends.

The first of many subsequent iterations this design was the first based on a solid information architecture and built with a responsive Magento front end.

Much of my work was focused on incremental improvements to important ages such as product and checkout.

Paul Smith the brand is a phenomenon as well as a great person full of ideas and insights. This blog area was the face of that brand online.

Collections are still important and we designed an area of the site to allow for the presentation of these new designs.