V&A museum

Creative Direction, Interface Design and User Experiencer

The V&A is one of the UK’s most prestigious art establishments and as a designer, it was a privilege to work with them over the course of several years. While the internal team has moved the site forward wit the times this design piece was the first major step in creating the V&A website as a major destination for scholars and artists globally. I spent many weeks working closely with the V&A talking to curators and trying to understand what they needed both as a repository of millions of artefacts but also as a visitor destination. This meat a balance between searching millions of items and beautifully presenting the many stories the V&A has to tell through its collections.

Full screen image gallery for presenting work in its best possible light.

Visual light box which has been optimised to work on any size screen. User can scroll left, right, up, down to find the image they like.

Every effort is made to present the imagery in the most beautiful way and to give easy access to detailed information about the photographer and the image.

Being able to access the site on any device was a must while maintaining a delightful user experience.