Atlas by Colins

Creative Direction, Interface Design and User Experiencer

The most comprehensive and detailed atlas of the world is no simple thing to publish as an iPad and iPhone app but with the help of the Collins cartography department, we did it.

This amazing app gives access to detailed information on every part of the world. It offers many different topographical maps giving specific information on politics, weather, population, etc. The individual maps can be purchased for a small sum and you can build up a collection.

My task was to work with the amazing iOS team to lead the creative delivery and guide the project from concept to prototype to final product, I lead the creative and UX team on content architecture, usability, interface design and branding.

A feature/category lead home page guides the user to product quickly.

Simple, clear product information with a wealth of functionality and reassurance messaging to help users be confident in the purchase.

Works beautifully on mobile and tablet for the 60% of users who access the site in this way.