City Lit

Creative Direction, Interface Design and User Experiencer, Information Architecture, Process flows

Over the last 4 years I have worked collaboratively with the CityLit team to define and build the initial UX and UI for the site, Gradually bring more and more internal processes such as offline registration and payment. The site has recently been rebranded and is constantly being improved through user testing and A+B testing.
City Lit asked us to design a new site to support their new branding and cope with increasing demand. Users needed to be able to find courses more easily, using a variety of search queries. City Lit wanted to help students make their buying decision by providing more information on courses, news, and events. The site had to be responsively built to provide a compelling experience to the web, mobile and tablet users. It was also key that version control and multiple access levels were available to manage the mass of content is maintained.

Constant A+B testing on the home page is based on customer research and analytics. Driving conversion is high on CityLit’s agenda.

Category landing pages are optimised for specific interest areas and supported by written content driven by a Drupal CMS.

Highly optimised course pages offer up to 90 different product types driven dynamically from Magento. Very careful UX a and UI design was rigorously tested by users, A+B testing and analytics. The checkout process is complex and has been gradually improved and enhanced over the last 4 years.

Mobile usability is key to the target audience as over 60% of user access the site via a mobile device.